How to Create a Datacenter in VMware vCenter 6.0

How to Create a Datacenter in VMware vCenter 6.0


This guide is intended to outline the steps necessary to create a Datacenter in vCenter 6.0.


The following is needed prior to completing this guide:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 20012 R2 running VMware vCenter 6.0
  • At least one server running ESXi 6.0

Configuration Steps

| vSphere Web Client

Login to the vSphere Web Client and click on Hosts and Clusters

Create Datacenter

Click on Create Datacenter

New Datacenter Name

Type in a name for the Datacenter and click OK

Add a Host

Highlight the newly created Datacenter and then click on Add a Host

Add Host

Type in the IP or Host name for an ESXi host and click Next

Connection Settings

Enter in the root user credentials and click Next

Security Alert

Click Yes on the Security Alert if it pops up

Host Summary

Click Next

Assign License

Select the proper license and click Next

Lockdown Mode

Choose a Lockdown Mode and click Next

VM Location

Select the Datacenter and click Next

Ready to Complete

Click Finish

The host is added

The host is now added to the datacenter. Rinse and repeat for any other ESXi hosts to be added.

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